6 Haunted NJ Alternatives to Fright Fest, For Under $25

6 Haunted NJ Alternatives to Fright Fest, For Under $25

If what scares you about Halloween isn’t the undead, but packed parking lots and high priced admissions for big brand haunted experiences like Fright Fest at Six Flags, then read on.

We’ve cobbled together a sampling of frights all in your Jersey Shore (ish) backyard, and all for about $25 or less. Whether it’s zombies, ghost babies or haunted corn fields that give you those delicious creeps, there are local haunts all over Monmouth and Ocean counties ready to scare the pee out of you (and then maybe offer you a nice cup of hot cider).

Here you go, six haunted NJ attractions to scare the bejesus out of you and your friends on weekend nights from now through Halloween weekend:

Don’t see your favorite on the list? Add it the comments. The more the spookier.


1. Nightmare at Gravity Hill

AKA: Cicconi Farms, Jackson

Guests travel through a maze of buildings and scares on a 35 minute walk through an abandoned town. One reviewer said, “The sets and design were practically on the scale of the big name haunts like Busch Gardens and Universal Studios.” While another called it, “moderately scary.” You be the judge.


What it will cost you:


They also offer zombie paint ball $10

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2. House of Horrors

AKA: A. Casola Farms, Holmdel

Start off winding your way through the narrow corridors of the newest scare, House of Horrors, where psychopaths and murderers lurk in the shadows. If you’re lucky you’ll make it out through the Forbidden Forest, only to arrive at the Corn Walk of Terror, each promising scares of your worst nightmares. If that’s not enough jump scare for you, step into the Haunted Hayride for a journey into the backwoods of New Jersey.

What it will cost you:

House of Horrors $8
Haunted Hayride and Corn Walk of Terror $15
All three for $20

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3. Camp Evans Base of Terror

AKA: InfoAge Science History Museum, Wall

Experience the 100-year-old experimental research grounds and Army Base on a most terrifying and disturbing half mile journey (with, BONUS, creepy clowns).

What it will cost you:


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4. Sinister Sneed’s Chaotic Carnival of Chaos, Scary Rotten Farms

AKA: Berry Fresh Farms, Brick

Also on site: The Inbred and Nearly Dead Miller’s Campground. A carnie who sold out to the devil and a Piney campground gone to the undead, is there more that you wanted in a #jerseyshorelocal scare? (No one under 13 unless accompanied by an adult).


What it will cost you:

Each attraction: $15

Combo: $25

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5. Dracula’s Domain


A haunted hayride that runs continuously through 66 haunted (obvs) acres deep in the bowels of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens. Then there’s the Psycho Path, a walk through the twists and turns, tunnels and tight passages past ghosts, goblins, ghouls, monsters, demons, and the criminally insane. Doesn’t that sound lovely? This one’s got a french mani.


What it will cost you:

Haunted Hayride, $18

Psycho Path, $12

Combo $25

Cash only

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6. Haunted Paintball Hayride, Night of Terror

AKA: Creamy Acres, Mullica Hill

(Full disclosure, this is in Gloucester County. But I’m guessing you might travel for the opportunity to pop a zombie at point blank range. And don’t worry, they can’t shoot back.)

It’s your last chance at survival against the flesh-hungry zombies of Creamy Acres! Climb aboard the only wagon to safety and take control of the mounted paintball guns to defend yourself and the other riders from a much unwanted invasion. Check out the video here. Also on site: Ride of Terror, haunted hayride, haunted corn maze and other attractions.


What it will cost you:

$25 per person

Timed Ticketing (best to purchase online)

32 people on a wagon

15 minute ride

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