Some of the Best Local Ways To Get Fit, Fabulous & Organized in 2015

Some of the Best Local Ways To Get Fit, Fabulous & Organized in 2015

By Shannon Winning, Contributor

The cheesecake and the holiday chaos are behind you. Thank. The. LORD. But honey, you look tired. And if your house and your workout routine are anything like mine (a wreck, MIA), you could use some help.

So pour yourself a nice water with lemon and let’s talk about getting our stuff together in the new year.


Here are nine ways to get back on track with fitness, beauty and organization – all within Monmouth and Ocean counties.

 Ease into that workout like a nice new pair of yoga pants.

Perspirology, Sea Bright

“Perspirology is a one hour, full-body industrial strength workout straight from NYC. Musically driven, dance based, and ever evolving, it’s designed to challenge a client’s cardiovascular and muscular endurance.” But that just sounds so haaard and I’m just sooo tired… That’s why I’m starting with their LAB class – A “NO IMPACT” workout that uses active stretching, light toning exercises and foam rolling techniques to engage the entire body. Perfect for clients who need to ease their way into a training program or need a little extra stretching. Clearly they’ve seen me in action. First class is FREE. See class details here.

Find out why you’ve been self-sabotaging your workout/relationships

Ocean Waves Wellness Center, Ocean Township

If losing weight and being a nice spouse was easy we’d all be doing it, right? Obviously we need me help with more than putting down the cheese and using “I” statements. The 2015 Inside Out Challenge promises to help you get fit, lose weight, improve relationships, eat healthier, feel stronger, make changes and heal from the past. Whew! Ocean Waves uses one on one counseling, goal setting groups, TRX training, yoga and health workshops to get you on the right track. For more on the challenge that starts Jan.15, click here.

Like En Vogue says, “Free your mind, and the rest will follow.”

The MAX Challenge, Toms River

If you feel like you’ve got to get your mind right before you get all this squared away (motions vaguely to midsection), The MAX Challenge may be for you. Billed as a 10-week body and mind renewal system, The MAX Challenge is designed to make fast and lasting changes to your appearance and overall well-being. MAX promises it isn’t a gym, but combines nutritional counseling, fitness classes and motivation.  Best of all, they’ve got classes from predawn to post commute. For more on The MAX Challenge, click here.

Resolve to never dread Monday again

Gravity Vault, Middletown

Because you need something to look forward to, I bring you: Gravity Vault’s Monday BOGO pass for grown-ups. Climb before work or at lunch or after work – or all three – because with a friend one of you goes free. (But, you know, you go halfzies, because you want to keep the friend). And if you think climbing is just a workout for your arms and legs, oh, no, no. Your abs will be screaming for days and you will feel like a rock star. Click here for the deets on BOGO and other climbing deals.

 Get paid to clean out your closet

Back On The Racks, Long Branch

It’s time. Time to clean out your closet of all those clothes shaming you because they are too tight, too big, just not really you. But you need motivation for that level of work and Back On The Racks has it – CASH. The consignment shop will take will take your in-style clothes and shoes and sell them for you, giving you a 50 percent profit. You can also clean out your attic and living room because the sister store is all furniture and home goods. Click here for hours of consignment and more.

Let someone else pick up the dog food

City & Sea Lifestyle Concierge, Asbury Park

I have been saying it for years. I need a wife. Someone to run my domestic situation, while I run the rest of the family’s business. And this is the closest thing I’ve seen to that dream. “The concierge will organize all the things that you don’t have the time or desire to do yourself – from running personal errands or working on personal development, to planning a special event or chartering a yacht.” Well I’m good on the yacht, but maybe you could pick up that special order at Home Depot and hit the grocery store and fill out the school band paperwork. For more details on what a concierge could do for your life, click here.

You my gentleman friend, deserve a hot towel

Hudson and Canal, Red Bank

Why do the ladies get all the pampering? Like you don’t work hard, Mister Father-Husband-Worker-Guy. Stop into this salon and barber shop for a hair cut from Master Barber Enzo Campisi and sit for a complimentary hot towel shave. (I mean you’re already there, please, I insist). The shop now takes early morning appointments. Click here to see the days this deal is offered.

 Kick start someone’s career by looking fabulous

Jon Lori Salon, Fair Haven

If your stylist has lost the love of the craft (or you’ve had the same damn shoulder length blunt cut for decades), this is your out. Jon Lori Salon’s New Talents program gives new stylists more opportunities by offering lower prices and introductory prices on select services to first time guests. Translation: Great cut, great color, great price for you. Walking advertisement for them. Boom. You made a new stylist into a local celebrity with your fabulous new hella good hair. Click here for prices and see how Jon Lori qualifies new stylists.

 Wake up with your make-up already on

Lashes By Yvonne, Red Bank

Imagine how those early morning holiday photos could have looked with a little lip color and some eye definition. This time next year your face could be photo ready 24/7. Lashes By Yvonne makes it all possible with permanent makeup. But before you think of drawn on doll brows, hear this. “Unlike the harsh brows tattooed years ago, we use the techniques that produce a natural, softer appearance. Your permanent brows can have the appearance of natural hairs with our hair stroke technique or have the delicate soft appearance of color from brow shadow.” Permanent brows, eyeliner and lip color available. Click here for prices and a combo special.