Seaside Heights Freestyle MX World Tour This Weekend

Seaside Heights Freestyle MX World Tour This Weekend

Want to go to a show that is a bit extreme this summer? Look no further than the Seaside Heights Freestyle MX Tour presented by Monster Energy Drink coming to Seaside Heights, New Jersey. This mind-blowing event will be held over the course of two days – Saturday June 27 & Sunday June 28.

Boasting a wild display of freestyle stunts, flips, tricks, and more, the Freestyle MX Tour is guaranteed to entertain you! In fact, you won’t have to be on the bike to feel the adrenaline rush yourself. Audience members will be pushed to the edges of their seats as the riders on the Monster Energy BMX team race down the ramp and launch into the air, defying gravity and putting on a show.

The show features a variety of stunts, including a forty foot near vertical drop. Members of the crowd of all ages and interest levels won’t be able to resist feeling a mix of both admiration and respect for the bikers on the team as they attempt to execute absolutely daredevil maneuvers. This truly is a world tour with world class performers.

Throughout the tour, participating teams make stops in various locations around the United States, Mexico, Canada, and select European countries. Teams feature some of the top BMX and FMX professionals in the world.Those who have gone to the MX Freestyle World Tours in the past have raved about the level of coordination, skill, and talent they saw in the performances.

But beyond witnessing the extreme stunts, many audience members have said that their absolutefavorite moment was getting the chance to talk to the riders themselves. While purchasing your tickets, look into the chance to actually head down into the stunt pit for close up photos, personal autographs, and the opportunity to meet the riders after the show.

Interested? Pack your suntan lotion and head over to the beaches of Seaside Heights, New Jersey for the 2015 Freestyle MX World Tour.

Seaside Heights Freestyle MX World Tour

Date: Saturday, June 27 & Sunday, June 28

Saturday, June 27th Show Schedule:
FMX – 1PM, 5PM, and 8:30PM
BMX – 12:30PM, 4:30PM, and 8PM

Sunday, June 28th Show Schedule:
FMX – 1PM & 5PM

Location: Seaside Heights
Visitors: Locals, tourists