Top 20 Jersey Shore Desserts in Monmouth and Ocean County

Top 20 Jersey Shore Desserts in Monmouth and Ocean County

It may be the season of shorts, tank tops, and yes bathing suits, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our favorite Jersey Shore desserts once in a while! We’re not advocating eating all of these at the same time, just at least once this summer!

In two counties where there’s a big hunking melting pot (of chocolate) – actually I was going to say cultures – we really hit a ton of flavor notes. From French petit fours to Peruvian quinoa flan, and yes even the classic American doughnut (just revved up a bit), this list of the best Jersey Shore desserts is super sweet.

Top 20 Jersey Shore Desserts

listed alphabetically by dessert

Blueberry Scone
The Scone Pony, Spring Lake
With a name like The Scone Pony, what do you think we’re going to suggest that you order here? Yea, the scones. Try out the warm Blueberry Scone. A traditional classic that meets all of the major points of contention for a delicious scone. A crisp outer crust, lots of butter, and a fluffy inside. This scone is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.

Cannoli’s – La Scala Italian Bakery Shop, Toms River

Everyone has an Italian bakery that’s their “go to” when it comes to classic Italian desserts, but no one does the cannoli quite as well as La Scala Italian Bakery Shop in Toms River. Their cannolis are Italian perfection. Bring a box of these the next time you’re invited somewhere and you’ll definitely get an invitation back!

Cookie Butter Crepe – Whipped Creperie
, Red Bank

Whipped offers up the areas largest selection of sweet and savory that are made crepes made to order. Sit down and order a cappuccino along with our favorite, the cookie butter crepe and be prepared to enter cookie butter bliss! It’s a sweet, taste of perfection!

Dark & Milk Chocolate Candies – Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, Middletown

When you’re in the mood for just a few sweet bites, Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe is the place to go. Featuring chocolate that is tempered on site, they cover pretzels, caramels, or pretty much anything with the best chocolate around! Their chocolates, aka little nuggets of joy, are so darn good you might not be able to stop at just one.

Don’t Be Cruel Cupcake – Confections of a Rock$tar, Asbury Park

Yes, there’s something sinfully delightful about combining two ingredients that in your mind would never work, but in your stomach it’s quite delicious. Confections of a Rock$tar puts their own twist on this not so classic duo with their Don’t Be Cruel cupcake. Bite into a banana cake cupcake, topped with peanut butter frosting and yes, honey-dipped bacon. Is it breakfast or dessert? We’re not sure and we don’t care.

Pain au Chocolat – Antoinette Boulangerie, Red Bank
The French definitely know what they’re doing, especially when it comes to flaky crust and chocolate. At Antoinette Boulangerie they have perfected the Pain au Chocolate. This sweet roll is flawless. From it’s round shape to the mouthful of melted chocolate you get after one bite. Tout simplement magnifique!

Queen B. Caramel Doughnut- Broad St. Dough Co., Oakhurst
When Broad St. Dough Co. opened we fell in love with their freshly packed donuts stuffed or topped with out of this world toppings from chocolate to pretzels and if you’re lucky even more chocolate. Our pick (which was ridiculously hard to do) is the Queen B. Caramel stuffed with Bavarian cream, black raspberry preserves, and then sprinkled with sea salt. It’s majestic and completely ok to have it for breakfast.

 Salty Pretzel Chocolate Carmel Tart – Drew’s Bayshore Bistro, Keyport
Chef Drew hits it consistently out of the park with homemade desserts that will entice you to have one more bite, maybe two, just when you thought you couldn’t possibly eat anymore. For that precious space, try out the Salty Pretzel Chocolate Carmel Tart. It’s chocolatey. It’s salty. It’s everything you could ask for on one plate.