Top 25 Jersey Shore Cocktails in Monmouth and Ocean County

Top 25 Jersey Shore Cocktails in Monmouth and Ocean County

Shaken, stirred, dirty or neat, these Jersey Shore cocktails are hard to beat. When it comes to drinking at the Jersey Shore, we know a few things about where to enjoy a tasty cocktail in Monmouth and Ocean County.

From sipping classic Jersey Shore cocktails like a Dirty Martini to twists on old world favorites such as Whiskey Sours, you’ll find a drink for every palette. Sweet, savory, smokey, and yes, even bubbly, these cocktails will make your night (and day) much more exciting than just ordering your “regular,” yet again.

So pull up a barstool and throw the cocktail menus out the window, because we’ve done the ordering (and taste testing) just for you.

Top 25 Jersey Shore Cocktails
Listed Alphabetically

Blackberry Cosmo – Sirena, Long Branch

Sirena in Long Branch is reviving the classic Cosmopolitan and turning it into a better, bigger, bolder drink. The Blackberry Cosmo has everything that your go to Cosmo offers, but way, way more taste. We’re not really sure why an addition like blackberry makes us ridiculously happy (especially during happy hour), but we’re pretty sure the natural sweetness of summer with the salty ocean breezes have something to do with it.

Blood Orange Margarita – Pearl Bar at the Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank

The Pearl Bar at the Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank is not your typical hotel bar. First of all, it’s set on the Navesink River, and second of all (and most importantly) their drinks are worthy of a five star restaurant. Try out the Blood Orange Margarita made with Milagro Silver Tequila, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, a splash of Milagro Agave, fresh squeezed lime, and blood orange puree. It’s a drink that will restore your faith in a hotel bar’s ability to make that perfect cocktail.

Coming Up Roses – Wine Bar, Atlantic Highlands

We’re not sure if this drink is called Coming Up Roses because of it’s rosy ingredients or for how flushed your cheeks will get from enjoying it. Either way, we love this floral cocktail from Wine Bar in Atlantic Highlands. A mix of all things pink from raspberry rum, to rose water, rose petals, and some bubbly champagne on top, it’s way better than a rose bouquet!

Fish Bowl – Happiness Bar & Grill, Asbury Park

Yes, we are telling you to order a massive fish bowl and we promise you’ll want to drink every last drop at Happiness Bar & Grille because unlike other fish bowls of the past, this is actually just a very large five star Jersey Shore cocktail. Along with some gummy sharks, you’ll be sipping down Don Q White Rum, champagne, and their homemade passion fruit mix. And remember, friends always let friends take a sip of their fish bowl.

Ginger Pear Martini – Element Restaurant and Bar, Manahawkin

On your way off or onto the island, be sure to stop at Element Restaurant and Bar in Manahawkin for one of their signature cocktails that has taken Route 72 by storm. Their Ginger Pear Martini makes it as one of our top Jersey Shore cocktails. Paired perfectly with smooth Grey Goose Pear Vodka, a splash of Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, fresh squeezed lemon juice and some sweet simple syrup, this cocktail is your picture perfect weekend in a martini glass.

Goombay Smash – Plantation Restaurant and Bar, Harvey Cedars

To be quite honest, we love when a tropical drink comes with a little plastic monkey because hey, it’s summer and we’re supposed to be having some fun here! If you’re in agreement, stop by the Plantation Restaurant and Bar in Harvey Cedars and order a Goombay Smash. Not only is it fun to say, it’s fun todrink. Pyrat XO Rum is combined with Cruzan Coconut Rum, Amaretto, and a myriad of sweet island juices. It’s as pretty as an LBI summer sunset.

Malibu Blue – Cubacan, Asbury Park
Rum lovers rejoice! The Malibu Blue form Cubacan is Malibu coconut rum, Stoli blueberry vodka, Blue Curaçao, a splash of juice and a Mount Gay rum floater. It’s a drink that will instantaneously transport you back to the islands!

Moonstruck Martini – Moonstruck, Asbury Park
When you just have to impress someone, take them to Moonstruck in Asbury Park. If you really want to stun them with the bartender’s madness (and your excellent ordering skills) enjoy the Moonstruck Martini. This Jersey Shore cocktail is a soulful combination of orange vodka, passion fruit juice, Alize (a passion fruit cognac) and topped with a splash of prosecco. Anything that ends with a splash of prosecco is sure to be tasty, we promise.

Rum Bucket – Windansea, Highlands

There was some in office debate on who takes the title for best Rum Bucket on the Jersey Shore, however, after taste testing, the Rum Bucket at Windansea in the Highlands may just be our favorite. It’s best not to know what is added into this literal bucket filled with rum because whatever they do, it just tastes like summer in well, a bucket.

Sake Sangria – Taka, Asbury Park
In the summer, you can’t really go wrong with ordering a Sangria drink, however sometimes they leave a little to be desired which can really deflate your sails a bit. At Taka in Asbury Park, they’ve heard your S.O.S. and turned your regular sangria drink into a Japanese power drink. The Sake Sangria combines your traditional red wine with sake, fruit juices, and seasonal fresh fruits. Sake to me!