An Insider’s Guide to Red Bank Restaurants

An Insider’s Guide to Red Bank Restaurants

When it comes to Jersey Shore towns where the food scene rivals neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and yes, even San Francisco, this growing Jersey Shore town has proved itself as having everything you could want… and more thanks to (many) one of a kind Red Bank restaurants.

Over the years, Red Bank built up a reputation as a foodie destination, satisfying even the most discerning palettes. With restaurants that specialize in everything from fresh seafood to the richest cuts of meat, cult worthy sandwiches and even delectable desserts (and cocktails), it’s no surprise that Red Bank restaurants have created a class of its own, quite possibly becoming the culinary epicenter of the Jersey Shore.

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From Casual to Fine Dining Red Bank Restaurants

Stepping out for dinner? Look no further than the dozens of restaurants lining downtown. All within walking distance, there’s no reason that your night has to end in just one place. Broad Street is practically a culinary tour of the world. For some of the finest Chinese food within a few hours radius, Temple Gourmet Chinese (91 Broad Street 732-212-8858) may be a best kept Jersey Shore secret, but not for long. This BYOB Red Bank restaurant is known for their Black Pepper Filet Mignon (a must try on our Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List).

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If it’s fresh flavors you’re seeking, look no further than Front St. Trattoria 31 West Front St., (732) 747-9569! For over 30 years now, they’ve put their unique spin on Italian food and have been wowing locals with their take on salads, pizzas, panini’s and pastas. This pizza with roasted poblano peppers, tomatoes, corn & tomatillos is one of our favorites! Their $8.95 lunch special is one of the best at the shore! For 30 years, they’ve been one of the premier Red Bank restaurants.

If your taste buds prefer something a bit more American, bring your bottle of wine and six pack over to The Bistro (14 Broad Street 732-530-5553) just a block away where diners have been coming back year after year for specialties including their out of this world sushi, juicy Bistro Kobe Burger and their Crackling Calamari Salad.

The bottle of wine can also travel to Dish (13 White Street 732-345-7070), where Chef and Owner Anthony Ferrando has been plating farm to table dishes since 2004, way before it was cool. A classic and eclectic dish that continues to win diners over year after year? The famous Stout Braised Short Ribs – we promise Chef Ferrando knows what he’s doing in the kitchen.

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Is your Italian bottle of Barolo just craving some classic Italian dishes to go along with it? Look no further than Patrizia’s of Red Bank (28 Broad Street 732-741-5555), where you’ll be swept away by the swirling white towels, piping hot brick oven pizzas, and family style Italian dishes that will make you question whether you’re dining in Red Bank or a side street in Rome.

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While bringing your own bottle (or bottles) can be enjoyable, there’s also something to sipping on that perfectly crafted cocktail that pairs with your dish. At B2 Bistro and Bar (141 Shrewsbury Avenue 732-268-8555), they take their cocktails and food quite seriously. Garnering five star reviews since opening, B2 Bistro and Bar is the latest Red Bank restaurant that diners have become infatuated with. We’re not sure if it’s the Dry Aged Burger, the large selection of Charcuterie and Cheese, the cocktails like the European Whiskey Sour that’s made with actual egg whites, or all of the above that has hooked us.

Not to be outdone, Gotham (19 Broad Street 732-268-8543) has made a name for itself as being one of Broad Street’s Red Bank restaurants that not only ramp up the late night scene, but boast an equally ramped up menu with dishes like Sinister Shrimp that are meant to be shared with friends over some Dead Mule cocktails.

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Also known for their cocktails and menu is Teak (64 Monmouth Street 732-747-5775). This favorite local hangout has it all – crafty cocktails, a diverse Asian fusion menu and some of the best sushi at the shore! Oh and their happy hour cannot be beat!

For a classic Red Bank experience, dining (and maybe an overnight stay) at the historic Molly Pitcher Inn (88 Riverside Avenue 732-747-2500) is a must. Featuring picturesque views of the Navesink River, stunning dishes, and a Jersey Shore brunch that is par to none, rounds out this local favorite.

Right down the street, The Oyster Point Hotel (146 Bodman Place 732-747-2500), known lovingly as Molly’s younger sister, offers the same signature views, but with a more contemporary feel. Sip on a cocktail, admire the views, and toast yourself for being a Red Bank insider.

Catch Seafood Restaurant (9 Broad Street 732-268-8384) is the latest Red Bank restaurant to receive accolades from sophisticated foodies. Diners have raved about Catch’s market style experience that involves the diner in everything from selecting your cut of fish to choosing how it’s prepared.

On-the-Go Bites at Red Bank Restaurants

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If an afternoon in Red Bank is all you have time for, there are plenty of places where you can sample the best that Red Bank restaurants have to offer, on-the-go! The Cheese Cave (14 Monmouth Street 732-842-0796), has become one of the Jersey Shore’s leading sandwich and cheese shops, due to its diverse selection of gourmet cheese and its extremely knowledgeable owner, Stephen Catania.

Just down the street is Monmouth Meats (112 Monmouth Street 732-741-5292). It’s a little shop of meaty wonders that is the perfect place to drop in whether you’re interested in a carnivore sandwich or looking for that perfect cut to prepare for dinner.

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Breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night, Hansel n Griddle (38 West Front St., (732) 219-7090) is a favorite for serving up tasty, fresh quick meals. Their breakfast crisps are one of our favorite quick meals in town! We love the fact that they’re open until 3am!

Those looking to go to the “sweet side” need look no further than Whipped (6 Monmouth Street 732-747-0076) where crepes of all kinds from savory to sweet await you.

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Or pop some Lil’ Cutie Pops (16 Monmouth Street 732-383-5602) with your kids in some of their favorite flavors and characters. It’s a dessert that’s perfect for on-the-go bites.

Last, but certainly not least, always peak your head into Antoinette Boulangerie (32 Monmouth Street 732-224-1118), where the aroma of freshly baked pastries, cookies, and macarons will seduce you.

We could go on and on, but there’s only so much that our stomachs can take. Red Bank restaurants have upped the ante as other Jersey Shore towns attempt to follow suit and get their culinary game on. But, there’s always something about the original that makes a trip to a Red Bank restaurant that much tastier.