Jersey Shore Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Procedure

Jersey Shore Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Procedure

Are you tired of endless dieting and exercising, only to find that those stubborn pounds won’t go away? Is going “under the knife” an absolute no-no? Well, times have changed. Dr. Steven A. Gorcey, MD of Balanced Life Weight Loss Institute in Eatontown (732-440-7955) is bringing non-surgical weight loss technology, including the Jersey Shore Gastric Balloon, to help us shed that stubborn weight without the long term side effects of surgery.

Jersey Shore Gastric Balloon Procedure

When paired with sound nutritional coaching and a behavior modification program, the newest tool for long-term weight loss at the Jersey Shore is the Gastric Balloon, a minimally invasive endoscopic outpatient procedure that takes less than 20 minutes and is only a phone call away at 732-440-7955.

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What this non-surgical procedure does produce is results. Meant to jump start weight loss for those who have tried other outlets in the past, the Gastric Balloon is 6-month temporary procedures that can help the average person lose 3.1 times the weight compared with normal diet and exercise alone (as shown in clinical trials). Unlike other procedures that may not only be invasive, the Gastric Balloon is only administered with the adjunct of additional nutritional professionals providing you with the support you need to achieve the success you deserve.

“We work very closely with our clients. Everything we do is one-on-one and under one roof from nutritional analysis, teaching clients how to eat in a balanced way, and fitness assessments,” said Joy Allison, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer at Balanced Life Weight Loss Institute.

How does the Gastric Balloon Work?

gastric balloon jersey shoreDuring this non-surgical weight loss procedure, Dr. Gorcey delivers a gastric balloon into the stomach through the mouth via a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure. Successfully used to help treat obesity with proper nutritional coaching, the Gastric Balloon is then inflated with sterile saline to take up space in the stomach. Unlike surgical procedures, the Gastric Balloon is temporary and doesn’t alter the stomach’s natural anatomy. After six-months the Gastric Balloon is removed.

Along with the Gastric Balloon insert, Balanced Life Weight Loss Institute, available at 732-440-7955, will also provide a required diet and exercise program that extends from one week prior to the procedure to six months post removal. The program inspires real lifestyle changes, helping you to modify and alter behaviors and food choices so that you can continue to maintain the weight you loss.

Laser-Like Lipo: Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure

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Like liposuction, Laser-Like Lipo, available by calling 732-440-7955, trims inches off specific body areas including trouble spots like the waist, hips, thighs, arms, and neck. Unlike liposuction, Laser-Like Lipo at the Jersey Shore is a completely non-invasive procedure performed in house at Balanced Life Weight Loss Institute.

Focusing on those areas that are resistant to diet and exercise, Laser-Like Lipo has been known to trim anywhere from two to four inches over the course of a treatment that uses 10 pads which harness a light emitting diode (LED) system. In just under two hours, this non-invasive treatment temporarily affects the fat cells by breaking them down and entering the lymphatic system where they’ll be metabolized. Basically, Laser-Like Lipo allows you to attain the physique you want without going under the knife.

For those who have tried everything to lose those stubborn inches and extra pounds, but are still seeking a non-surgical weight-loss and body-sculpting alternative like this Jersey Shore Gastric Balloon to surgery, contact Balanced Life Weight Loss Institute at 732-440-7955. Combined with their nutrition coaching, extensive medical experience, and non-surgical weight loss procedures, Balanced Life Weight Loss Institute is the alternative you’ve been dreaming about.