Visit Sweetest Sin at the Red Bank Wedding Walk

Visit Sweetest Sin at the Red Bank Wedding Walk


The music starts to play. Your guests slowly rise and turn to face you while you walk down the aisle. The flowers you chose months ago are now hanging perfectly on the chairs around you. The flower petals tossed in the air by your flower girl now flutter along with your dress as it glides and falls behind you. You see your friends and your family smiling around you, and then you look forward. There’s your groom. The man you love; the man you are walking towards to start an amazing life together. You have your something old, something new. Your something borrowed, something blue. And soon, you’ll have your “I Do’s” with your one and only and forever and always.

Wedding season has begun! We have everything the bride needs for a magical day, night, and honeymoon.

Let’s start with the wedding day. There are a couple under-the-dress necessities every bride needs before walking down the aisle. First, the garter. Worn under the dress, the garter can be fun and flirty or romantic and delicate. If you’re unsure, we would suggest going with the latter. Also worn under the dress is the optional corset, depending on the style of your dress. Formfitting and structured, we have corsets that will help your dress will fit perfectly while maintaining your body’s beautiful shape.

A helpful hint during the ceremony: make sure to keep everything in place with some double sided tape! The last thing you want is an awkward bra strap popping out or your v-neck of your dress moving around while everyone stares at you.

Photographers mainly focus on the bride when she walks down the aisle and when she interacts with her guests. However, be sure to have your photographer capture a picture of your groom while you walk towards him. Trust us, it is definitely an image you’ll want to see and cherish.

After dancing the night away with your wedding guests, end the night with your, wait for it, husband. Enjoy your first night of the rest of your lives together with something special. Even if you don’t love the tradition where the groom removes the wedding garter in front of everyone, we recommend wearing a pretty garter and saving it as a romantic keepsake for yourself and your husband. When you leave for your honeymoon, have one of your bridesmaids pack you an overnight bag before you leave. Discuss the items beforehand, and arrive with nothing to worry about.

The wedding night calls for sexy, yet elegant attire. It’s your first night as man and wife – your first night together after vowing your endless love for each other. This night calls for very special attire. Go for silks and lace. These fabrics scream femininity and elegance, while bringing out your sensual nature.

While you can obviously pick any type of lingerie that is your style, the wedding night can also be a great time to stick with traditional. We love two piece peignoir sets to set the scene for a romantic evening. You can go with either a long gown and long robe or short gown and short robe, but either way you’ll feel like a star.

Last, but certainly not least, the honeymoon. Whether you are staying close to home or jet setting away, we have what you’ll need to stay sexy and comfortable for the entire time. Your first must-have item is the robe. The robe should be elegant, beautiful, and ethereal. Look pristine, perfect, while the light shines to show your silhouette.

When you’re lounging around drinking mimosas and chocolate covered strawberries, do it in a teddy or a silk 2 piece. These lingerie pieces are simple and subtle, yet flirty and elegant. They are also incredibly comfortable with the silky fabric resting effortlessly on your skin. However, when you step out of your hotel room, take pictures of your time together as the new Mr. and Mrs.

Remember that honeymoon lingerie doesn’t have to be all about sexy bra and panty sets. We love classic and comfy pajamas for lounging and elegant loungewear sets that can go from your bedroom to sunbathing poolside. Make sure you pack enough variety that you can enjoy a different set for each day of your honeymoon.

You have been planning your wedding for months, maybe even years. Let us provide you some of your wedding necessities. If you want help with your planning, we offer an in-store bridal registry so your shower guests can buy you exactly what you want! But most of all, the best advice we could give you is to soak in the moment.