Asbury Festhalle Bier Blatt: 03/31/16

Asbury Festhalle Bier Blatt: 03/31/16

Coke used in Pale Ale?

Coke was first used for dry roasting malt used in making Pale Ale all the way back in 1642.  Yes, Coke.  However, not the soda, not the drug, Coke is a fuel with few impurities and a high carbon content, usually made from coal.  Using Coke allowed for a lighter roast of the malt, leading to the creation of what by the end of the 17th century was called pale ale.[4]; (Previously, brewers had used wood)

There are many different types of Pale Ales.  The Festhalle carries the following examples:

American Pale Ales – Character – Well balanced in malt and hops
Lagunitas Pale Ale, CA 7.5%
Omission Pale Ale,  OR 5.8%

Biere de Garde or “keeping Beer” – Character – Slight Malt Sweetness and Medium Hop Bitterness
Jenlain, France 6.5%

Blonde Pale Ale – Character – Clear, Crisp, Dry
Duvel, Beligium 8.5% (also considered a strong ale)

Irish Pale Ale – Character – Darker in Color, Smells of malt and mild hops
Shebeen, CT 4.9%

India Pale Ale (IPA) – Character – Pale golden to reddish amber color, big herbal and citric character, bitter
Kane Head High, NJ 6.5%
Braufactum Progusta IPA, Germany 6.8%

Strong Belgian IPA and Tripel – Character – Quite cloudy, hoppy, dry edge
D’Achouffe Houblon 9%

Week of 03/31

Thursday, 03/31
Black Flamingos  Surf Punk n Roll. 8-11pm
Happy hour 4-7pm. Half off Draft and  Wine.

Friday, 4/1
Sandy Mack, wailing harmonica and groves that make ya move 10-1am

Saturday, 4/2
Matt Wade Funk and Soul Birthday Bash! 9-Midnight

Sunday, 4/3
Scott e Moore solo soulful guitar! Covers and originals 2-5
Trivia 6-8pm use regular language

Tuesday, 4/5
Drekka and Draga Kick off! (Drink and Draw) Sampling 7-10pm

The Icelandic tradition of drinking and drawing comes to The Festhalle.

Reyka Vodka is sponsoring a cocktail napkin drawing contest.  Create your art April 5th – May 3rd.

The winning piece receive a $100 gift card to the Festhalle and will have Chance to be published in the Reyka Vodka cocktail napkin book.

4/5 kick off featuring sampling and specials all night. The Festhalle final exhibit of all entries on 5/3. Social media will determine our own winner.

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