Satisfying Jersey Shore Pregnancy Cravings One Bite At a Time

Satisfying Jersey Shore Pregnancy Cravings One Bite At a Time

When it comes to being pregnant at the Jersey Shore, there are a few things I’ve learned that you need around – shops to indulge yourself (and your soon to be little one), a plethora of restaurants to keep your cravings at bay, some sort of workout, and spas to keep you pampered (because you are carrying around an extra human being!)

As a Jersey Shore local, I got lucky. There’s always a local shop, restaurant, and spa to keep me motivated enough to get me to the finish line. Being pregnant is tough work, but being pregnant at the Jersey Shore does have its perks! Here are some of my top picks for where to go and what to do when you’re in the 9-month time zone.

Can’t Miss Jersey Shore Pregnancy Shops

I’m not sure about you, but I found that while pregnant, my relationship with my credit card got a lot more intimate. Maybe it’s the hormones, but shopping for the little one (and myself too) gave me a little buzz (no alcohol needed). At Cute As Buttons in Belmar, there’s no reason not to go a little crazy. With everything you need to dress your baby from newborn up to size 14, you can shop for your little “soon to be” or all the other kids in your lives. They have everything from swimwear to active wear, and even accessories, it’s a one-stop-shop for little (and larger) tikes.

If you haven’t quenched your thirst for shopping, visit Cabana 19 in Red Bank, dubbed a shopper’s paradise by many. Not only can you buy their popular baby onesie line, but you can work on your nesting, choosing from an array of home décor to beach bags and accessories.

Where to Pamper Yourself

They say if you stay in shape during pregnancy, it’ll be easier to bounce back, which is why checking out restorative yoga at Blue Moon Yoga in Shrewsbury is an absolute must. Not only will you stay flexible, but it’ll also give you a much needed breather. Continue the R&R while you’re pregnant at the Jersey Shore at Kur Wellness in Asbury Park or Lotus Health and Wellness Spa in Red Bank for a much needed prenatal massage. Propped up by pillows, a prenatal massage is the ideal way to spend an hour – no more back, foot, or shoulder pain – and they won’t judge you if you just happen to fall asleep.

Satisfying Sweet Cravings

Yes, sweet cravings need their own category. If you’re in the mood for some ice cream, there’s no place better than Jersey Freeze in Freehold where they’ve been serving up one of the state’s best ice cream since 1952. Many pregnant women have gone before us and many will come after us. If a shake is what you’re after (and really, who isn’t), head to Burger 25 in Toms River on a Wednesday where you’ll get one of their to die for shakes (hand spun, thick, and topped with whipped cream) for just ½ price when you order a burger.

Chocolate on your mind? Visit Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe in Middletown and prepare to go a little crazy. I would recommend the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel – salty and sweet, all in one bite. If you’re craving chocolate and it just happens to be breakfast (no judgment, I promise), there’s always Whipped Creperie in Red Bank to the rescue. What else would a pregnant French woman eat besides a chocolate crepe (or waffle)?

Sweet cravings will surely be satisfied at Confections of a Rock$tar in Asbury Park where you can find rockin’ good cupcakes that are all handcrafted and baked fresh. Or head to Red Bank to see what the Cupcake Magician has up his sleeve. From mini cupcakes to gluten-free and specialty cupcakes (chocolate cannoli anyone?) it’s the perfect place to stock up for those late night cravings. When you’re looking to introduce your baby to the finer French things in life (aka croissants and macarons), visit Antoinette’s Boulangerie in Red Bank. There are even a number of gluten-free dessert options so no one has to miss out on the fun.

Satisfying Jersey Shore Pregnancy Cravings (Of All Kinds)

We can’t crave sweet all the time (well, I guess you can), but for those of us who need something salty, bitter, fried, and yes, healthy, there’s always a Jersey Shore restaurant that is offering what you’re craving. For some cheesy sandwiches, there’s no other place besides the cheese man at The Cheese Cave in Red Bank where you’ll find yourself immersed in cheesy concoctions of all kinds.

When you’re in the mood for something tangy (and maybe a little hot), the wings at The Pour House in Shrewsbury are no joke. Simple, fried, and vinegary (go for the buffalo), it may be heartburn on a plate, but at the moment, you’ll be in craving bliss. Looking for a little more than just one plate?

Since you’ve only got T-minus nine months and counting to go out to dinner (without worrying about the babysitter), a date night out to Via Roma Restaurant and Pizza in Toms River for one of their gluten, vegan, or dairy-free entrees may be just what you need. But, if you’re missing Happy Hours (and really, who isn’t), there’s no reason not to visit Mister C’s Bistro and Bar in Allenhurst to watch the moon rise over the horizon.