What’s Happening In Downtown Toms River This July: Toms River Shakespeare Festival

What’s Happening In Downtown Toms River This July: Toms River Shakespeare Festival

We’re smack dab in the middle of summer and there are absolutely no signs of it cooling down, especially in Downtown Toms River. This month, there’s plenty to do. Don your theater apparel (just kidding – shorts and t-shirts will do), for an outdoor play that brings Broadway to you, hunt down some Pokemon, or check out some of the latest books at the Toms River Branch of the Ocean County Library.

Whatever you’re looking to do to fill your summer days, be sure to check out what Downtown Toms River has to offer from farmers markets to one stop shopping they have it all!

Downtown Toms River Welcomes the Toms River Shakespeare Festival

To be or not to be, that’s not the question you’ll be pondering this month. Instead, you’ll be thinking – what should I bring to Huddy Park? Be sure it’s a beach chair, some blankets, and some snacks as the Toms River Shakespeare Festival will be setting up in Huddy Park.

The acting group will be performing Shakespeare’s The Tempest, a play about a sorcerer, Prospero, who uses illusion to fool his usurping brother Antonio and King Alonso of Naples to believe they are marooned on an island, in an effort to restore his daughter to her rightful place. Sounds interesting right? (Way better than high school English class!)

Led by Lori Garrabrant, Artistic Director, the group brings the works of William Shakespeare as well as other classics to the banks of the Toms River to create the “Toms-upon-Thames.” Audiences have long gathered to witness some of history’s timeless texts and stories come to life in a setting that is both refreshing (thanks to the summer breeze) and memorable.

With two upcoming chances to watch, July 28-30th and August 4-6th (performances will begin at 6pm on Friday and Saturday and 3pm on Sundays), this Downtown Toms River event is a theatrical addition to your summer calendar. Whether it’s a date night, family night, or an evening with friends, the Toms River Shakespeare Festival is an event that shouldn’t be missed.

Featured Downtown Toms River Business: Toms River Branch of The Ocean County Library

Have you been itching to get a hold of that latest best seller for your next beach read? Maybe you’re just trying to get the kids their summer reading lists. No matter what your book dilemma is, the Toms River Branch of The Ocean County Library (101 Washington Street, Toms River 732-349-6200) can solve them all. From best sellers to classics and everything in between, they have a wide selection of books that will capture your entire family’s imagination.

Finally, as you’re heading into the library or coming out with some literary goods, be sure to take a peak around as you may spot some Pokemon hunters. Downtown Toms River has recently seen a resurgence of these Pokemon loving fans with the Pokemon Go Update. Just be sure they don’t take your book that made the NY Times best seller list!