Sweets and Treats: A Local’s Guide to Decadent Jersey Shore Desserts

Sweets and Treats: A Local’s Guide to Decadent Jersey Shore Desserts

In the mood for some sweets? We bet you are. Our local’s guide to some of the most decadent Jersey Shore desserts will have you throwing your diet to the wind. From over the top milkshakes to classic tarts, chocolate covered (meat), and fried favorites, our list covers some of the Jersey Shore’s most intriguing and popular desserts.

Sit back and relax as you scroll through a dessert wonderland that’s, thankfully, just minutes away from your doorstep. Happy sugar high!

Decadent and Delicious Jersey Shore Desserts

jersey shore dessertsFried Ice Cream Extravaganza, Marlins Café 
When a dessert is named an “extravaganza,” you know you’re in for a treat. This heavenly dessert concoction begins with vanilla ice cream that’s deep fried and covered with corn flakes and then topped with whipped cream and strawberries. No need to visit a Mexican restaurant anymore – Marlins Café (1901 Ocean Avenue, Pt. Pleasant Beach 732-714-8035) is taking over.

jersey shore dessertsChocolate Covered Pretzels, Jean Louise
What is it about the combination of sweet and salty that just makes our brains go haywire? We know there’s a science behind it, but honestly, we’re just looking for the best version out there and luckily for us, Jean Louise Home Made Candies (1205 3rd Avenue, Spring Lake 732-449-2627) has them. Served in an array of chocolates with various toppings, it’s hard (ok, completely impossible) to choose just one.

jersey shore dessertsLemon Meringue Tart and House Made Beignets, Graze
Sometimes you just can’t choose one dessert and at Graze (151 Markham Pl, Little Silver (732) 747-9988) that’s the case. The Lemon Meringue Tart is citrusy, light, and screaming of summer, while the powdered sugar Beignets are airy, sweet, and made into a world class dessert with the addition of the local honey comb pastry cream that’s served on the side.

jersey shore dessertsKey Lime Pie, Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant
When you take a bite out of the Key Lime Pie from Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant (100 Ocean Avenue, Long Branch 732-870-1200) you get a taste of the keys. Made with real key lime juice (you can tell by its beautiful yellowish hue), and served with soft whipped cream, this Jersey Shore dessert is a summer staple.

Dark & Milk Chocolate Candies – Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe, Middletown
When you’re in the mood for just a few sweet bites, Suzi’s Sweet Shoppe is the place to go.(1100 Highway 35, Middletown (732) 796-0115) Featuring chocolate that is tempered on site, they cover pretzels, caramels, or pretty much anything with the best chocolate around! Their chocolates, aka little nuggets of joy, are so darn good you might not be able to stop at just one.

jersey shore dessertsFlourless Chocolate Mousse Cake, Mister C’s Beach Bistro
Made in house by Chef Melissa Smith, Mister C’s Beach Bistro (Allen Avenue On the Ocean, Allenhurst 732-531-3665) features a special dessert each week with a ridiculous supporting cast that’s always there for back up. Our hearts have fallen for her Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake. It’s rich, full of dark chocolate, and basically the perfect end to an indulgent evening.

jersey shore desserts“Boats,” Jersey Freeze
By far the best sellers at Jersey Freeze (120 Manalapan Avenue, Freehold 732-462-3008), the “boats” are basically bowls that are filled with everything that your sweet tooth would want. From their Campfire S’Mores to their Strawberry Pound Cake, Oreo Obsession, and their famous Churzee Freeze, it’s hard to choose just one.

jersey shore dessertsCheesecake, Porcini
You may know them for homemade pasta, but Porcini (168 Bay Ave, Highlands 732-291-3080) also specializes in desserts, making everything from scratch – even gelato. Even though their dessert menu is enticing, we tend to fall for their cheesecake…a lot. But, don’t expect to get the same cheesecake twice! Throughout the year they change up the flavors. This summer, it’s all about their “S’mores Cheesecake” that’s milk chocolate on the inside, with a graham cracker crust, and a roasted marshmallow topping.

jersey shore dessertsClassic Banana Split, Old Glory Kitchen + Spirits
Rekindle your romance with ice cream courtesy of Old Glory Kitchen + Spirits’ (84 Broad Street, Keyport 732-497-5555) Classic Banana Split. You may want to share, you may not, but as you dig into the three scoops of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream that’s covered with strawberries, pineapples, walnuts, chocolate, whipped cream, and of course, three cherries on top… you may decide this one is just for you.

jersey shore dessertsBailey’s Irish Napoleon, McDonagh’s Pub
Leave it to a McDonagh’s Pub (2 West Front Street, Keyport 732-264-0999) to put an Irish spin on a French classic. Instead of layers of puff pastry, imagine a double chocolate brownie, and instead of custard, substitute a Bailey’s cream pudding. That’s the Bailey’s Irish Napoleon and we have to say we approve!

jersey shore dessertsChocolate Covered Bacon and Pork Roll, Van Holten’s Chocolates
Ok, we’re on the bacon train now. At Van Holten’s Chocolates (1893 NJ-88, Brick 732-840-0888), he just puts it all out there, taking Hatfield Smoed Bacon, cooking it to perfection, drying it, and then hand dipping each piece into their creamy milk chocolate or (our favorite) the 72% cacao dark chocolate. Think of it as your afternoon protein snack and pick me up.

jersey shore dessertsCandy Apples, Jenkinson’s Sweet Shop
What’s a trip to the boardwalk without a candied apple? At Jenkinson’s Sweet Shop (300 Ocean Avenue, Pt. Pleasant Beach 732-892-7576), you can expect homemade creations that include everything from that sugary, red, and sticky coating to good old fashioned chocolate with all the fixings.

jersey shore dessertsRainbow Donut, Broad Street Dough Co.
There’s your regular, delicious donut, then of course the stuffed donut, but the Triple Layer Rainbow donut from Broad Street Dough Co. (2005 NJ-35, Oakhurst 732-531-1401) knocks our socks off every time (which should probably be way less than it actually is).

jersey shore dessertsSalted Caramel Bubble Waffle, Whipped
Don’t get us wrong, the crepes at Whipped Creperie (6 Monmouth Street, Red Bank 732-747-0076) are definitely worth many tries. However, their latest creation, the Bubble Waffle – a unique take on what would happen if a crepe, waffle, and cone had a baby – is a Jersey Shore dessert that exceeds expectations, especially when it’s drizzled with warm salted, caramel.