The Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List Series: What to Eat in 2018 at the Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List Series: What to Eat in 2018 at the Jersey Shore

Scrolling through our Instagram feed, it’s hard not to get hungry. From fluffy doughnuts to crispy fried fish, decadent brunches, and sumptuous pasta dishes, there’s always something that makes us realize that yes, we are could eat… yet again. In homage to our fellow food loving readers, we’ve asked some of the Jersey Shore’s top chefs for their best sellers and then went ahead and added some of our own favorite dishes to cook up a brand new series just for you: our very own Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List.

You’ve got your travel bucket list, your what to read bucket list, why not add on a what to eat bucket list? Except, these places aren’t out of reach – instead they’re right at your fingertips (or at least a short drive away.) So here’s to binging on our first installment of our 2018 Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List, we promise you may need to log in some extra hours at the gym for this… but they’ll be very well deserved.

What Jersey Shore Chefs Want You to Eat…

Tuna Nachos, Mister C’s Beach Bistro
With a location aon the beach, is it surprising that one of Mister C’s Beach Bistro’s top dishes features tuna? Yea, we’re not surprised either. What is surprising about the Tuna Nachos is how it combines two of our favorite things – seared tuna and crisp chips – perfectly. Allen Avenue On The Ocean, Allenhurst (732) 531-3665

Crab Cakes, Rooney’s Oceanfront Restaurant
Yes, Rooney’s is well known for their lobster dishes, and we’re not neglecting them here at all, but honestly, they’re crab cakes are just as good (or dare we say it… better and earn a well deserved place on our Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List). Jumbo Lump Crab Meat is delicately tossed together, lightly breaded and broiled or fried. No fillers here. 100 Ocean Ave N, Long Branch (732) 870-1200

Rigatoni and Meatballs in Sunday Gravy, Porcini
One of the most popular dishes at Porcini just happens to be the perfect meal to end your week with – Rigatoni and Meatballs in Sunday Gravy. Warm up with a bowl of rigatoni, tomato sauce, and tons of meat to make any Nonna smile and since it’s on their regular weeknight menu, you can have Sunday Gravy any day of the week!  168 Bay Ave, Highlands (732) 291-3080

Surf & Turf, Marlin’s Café
Get the best of both worlds with Marlin’s Surf & Turf. Available year round, you’ll enjoy a huge cut of meat with an equally large lobster tail. Paired with some mashed potatoes and butter, it may not be on your diet plan, but it’s worth the indulgence. 1901 Ocean Ave, Point Pleasant Beach (732) 714-8035

Polpettini, Stella Marina
Meaning little meatballs, the Polpettini at Stella Marina may be small, but the flavors are huge (yes, hand gesture included). Their combination of beef, veal, and pork makes for a light, bite sized meatball all served in a rich tomato sauce and a dusting of salty pecorino. Another check mark on the Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List. 800 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park (732) 775-7776

Sunday Brunch, Molly Pitcher Inn
It’s not surprise that when we asked what the top sellers were from Red Bank’s historic hotel, that they would undoubtedly say their Award-Winning Sunday Brunch. Available from the end of October through Father’s Day, reservations are always recommended due to its popularity (if you’ve had their waffles – then you know why). Luckily, their sister hotel, The Oyster Point, just down the road has begun offering their own brunch on Saturday and Sunday. 88 Riverside Ave, Red Bank (732) 747-2500

Smoked Chicken Pot Pie, Graze
You’ve had chicken pot pies before, but nothing like the Smoked Chicken Pot Pie from Graze. Chef Junior and Chef de Cuisine Chris Kirkwood (aka Shaggy) are no strangers to creative dishes using local ingredients (and with their recent farm purchase, you can expect that to double!) Featuring smoked chicken and a crispy chipotle crust, this special is bringing comfort food to a whole new level. 151 Markham Pl, Little Silver (732) 747-9988

Now for some of our favorite Jersey Shore dishes…

Burgers at the Bar, Trama’s Trattoria
There are plenty of good burgers along the Jersey Shore, however, at Trama’s Trattoria, Chef Pat is taking them above and beyond what you’d ever expect. For example, take this Winter Black Truffle Mac and Cheese Burger (droolworthy we know) or even his Parm Buger. It’s obvious that Chef Pat loves what he does, experimenting with new takes on old favorites. Please note that the new burgers are only available at the bar on Wednesdays 5 pm to close. 115 Brighton Ave, Long Branch (732) 222-1121

BT Clam Dip, Beach Tavern
Clam dips are delicious, as long as you can still taste the clam. At Beach Tavern, they’ve turned it into their specialty, serving up a clam dip that has brought the humble clam front and center, especially when you dip into it with sea salt potato chips. 33 West St, Monmouth Beach (732) 870-8999

Disco Eggs, Toast
You’ve heard of disco fries, but have you heard of Disco Eggs? Think of it as the ideal combination for any morning or afternoon when you need a combination of good-for-you (eggs) and not-so-good-for-you (fries) ingredients. 45 Monmouth St, Red Bank (732) 224-1234

VooDoo Shrimp, Drew’s Bayshore Bistro
No list of delicious Jersey Shore dishes is complete without VooDoo Shrimp from Chef Drew. He’s beaten top chefs and wowed diners thanks to his spicy Worcestershire cream sauce, fresh shrimp, and spicy jalapeno cornbread to sop up all that extra sauce. 25 Church St, Keyport (732) 739-9219

O.G. Wings, Old Glory Kitchen + Spirits
Ok, we know their Cheeseburger Egg Rolls are…wait for it… legendary, however we’re partial to Old Glory’s wings. Roasted in a brick oven, the O.G. Buffalo wings are kicked up a notch with their homemade buffalo sauce, then served alongside the classic accompaniments of celery sticks and blue cheese dressing (but you don’t even need that thanks to the big crumbles of bleu cheese on top). 84 Broad St, Keyport (732) 497-5555