The Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List: 16 Ice Cream Cones, Sundaes, and Dishes to Devour

The Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List: 16 Ice Cream Cones, Sundaes, and Dishes to Devour

Summer is right around the corner and we’re celebrating that fact with a special Jersey Shore Ice Cream Edition of our Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List. We weren’t just thinking about the best soft serve at the Jersey Shore – we’re talking about outrageous (and absolutely delicious) ice cream sundaes, cones, flavors, and combinations (as well as a few can’t miss places that have become the epitome of a quality day out in the sun (clouds, rain, snow, you name it).

Think of our ultimate list of Jersey Shore ice cream as something to go through bite by heavenly creamy bite. Whether you’re enjoying three scoops (waffle, toppings, you name it) by yourself or taking a bunch of spoons and sharing it with friends, ice cream is the ultimate spring and summer comfort food.

So let’s here it – I scream, you scream, we all scream for some delicious Jersey Shore ice cream! Be sure to check out some of our other Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket Lists (we even have a special burger edition).

A Jersey Shore Local’s Guide to the Chillest Ice Cream in Monmouth and Ocean Counties

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In Freehold, it’s all about the freeze, Jersey Freeze. Since 1952, they’ve been crafting up simple to exceptional ice cream contraptions that will make your summer (fall, winter, and spring) days much sweeter. If you can, find a reason to order their famous ice cream pie. It’s the best of both worlds – pie crust, ice cream, and all of your favorite toppings. 120 Manalapan Ave, Freehold (732) 462-3008

jersey shore ice creamA landmark in the Rumson community, there’s never a night where you won’t find kids, families, and really adults at Crazees in Rumson. Even though everything is delicious, their dipped sugar cones take the cake, especially when they make delicious combinations (like this Strawberry Shortcake cone that was featured for Valentine’s Day). 2 W River Road, Rumson 732-530-6543

jersey shore ice creamCalling all Jersey Shore ice cream lovers who don’t eat traditional dairy! At Cookman Creamery they make the real deal – whether it’s traditional ice cream with milk or vegan featuring a creamy coconut cream base. One of their newest flavors, Blackberry Chocolate, hits all the right notes with a tangy and sweet blackberry puree that’s then dotted with semi-sweet chocolate chips. 711 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park 732-361-5215

jersey shore ice cream Have you ever had rolled ice cream? At Luigi’s Homemade Ice Cream, that’s what they do. Pick your flavor from classics like homemade vanilla to limited time specials like passion fruit and then watch them create magic. Smearing it on a cold work surface until it’s nice and thin, they then roll it up creating what we like to think of as an ice cream crepe. 60 Broad Street, Red Bank 732-383-7707

jersey shore ice creamFor 60 years, the Skipper Dipper has been a staple with the LBI crowd. Last year they introduced Ice Cream Sandwich Macs and they’re bringing them back for 2018 for select weekends. Get ready to call early and reserve yours because these mouthfuls of ice cream deliciousness (yes we had to use that word) will not last! 9305 Long Beach Blvd, Beach Haven 609-492-9680

jersey shore ice creamNo guide to the best Jersey Shore ice cream would be complete with a shout out to The Lighthouse. With a number of locations along the shore (Red Bank, Long Branch, Belmar) there’s no reason to not stop by and get a swirl – a creamy, homemade Italian ice (we’re fallen hard for mango when it’s available) that sits next to an even creamier soft serve of vanilla. Sprinkles are (not) optional. 250 Ocean Avenue N, Long Branch 732-229-1222

jersey shore ice creamThree generations and 60 years later, the ice cream bars at Rich’s Ice Cream are just one of the many reasons that people keep coming back again and again. For a blow-your-mind-experience, go for the Ritchie Bar where you’ll enjoy chocolate or vanilla ice cream that’s snuggled between a crispy wafer and chocolate pieces (exactly like those found on your favorite ice cream cake). You’re welcome. 1801 Rt. 37 East, Toms River 732-349-3459

jersey shore ice creamIf you’ve ever done a double take at a crazy ice cream shake or cone, chances are high that it came from Coney Waffle. For us, we’re always down for a Coney Waffle, where they take a fluffy waffle, fill it with your choice of ice cream (oh the mint), then maybe top it with some kiddy cereal (Fruity Pebbles anyone?) 800 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park 732-556-6951

jersey shore ice cream This spring, one of the best Jersey Shore ice cream stores is opening again with two locations (Sea Bright and Atlantic Highlands). They may be just opening, but locals (and pretty much anyone that’s visited the Jersey Shore) knows that Gracie and the Dudes‘ ice cream is truly one of a kind thanks to all natural ingredients and absolutely no artificial anything. We’re fans of their ice cream stacks that are filled premium ice cream flavors like black cherry, cinnamon oatmeal cookie, and Amaretto biscotti. 1062 Ocean Avenue, Sea Bright 732-741-3333

jersey shore ice cream Set in one of the Jersey Shore’s most idyllic town is one of the Jersey Shore’s most idyllic ice cream store. 138 years and counting, Day’s Ice Cream serves up a variety of flavors that will cure any ice cream meltdown. Even though we love to enjoy a cone of hard ice cream out on the deck, we also are suckers for their milk shakes and floats that strike the perfect balance between adult and childhood. 48 Pitman Avenue, Ocean Grove 732-614-6245

jersey shore ice cream Since 1955, Hoffman’s Ice Cream has grown into a Jersey Shore ice cream classic. Four locations and dozens of flavors later, all their ice cream is still made in their original location. Whether you’re getting a Pistachio (with the perfect number of nuts!) ice cream on a cone, picking up an ice cream cake, or maybe going for the shake with sprinkles (our choice), you’ll definitely be eating one of the “very best.” 800 Richmond Avenue, Pt. Pleasant Beach 732-892-0270

jersey shore ice creamIt only took one season for everyone to figure out that an ice could be so much more than what you’re used to. Instead of just, well, ice, Ralph’s Bright Ice brings you big flavors in creamy ices that include flavors like Banana Fudge, Dutch Apple Pie, and Spumoni. Of course there’s also all of your favorite water ice flavors like lemon, lime, and mango too. We can’t choose so we just pick both! 1052 Ocean Avenue, Sea Bright 732-842-0400

jersey shore ice creamYou’ve driven by it more than you can count and if you’re one of the ice cream lovers in the know, then you’ve stopped into Ryan’s Home Made Ice Cream countless times as well. When you order, make sure it’s whatever they have on special (you’ll see it on the board out front). It’s limited time and you’ll want to make the most out of it! Oh and it doesn’t matter if you want to eat the ice cream now or later when you pick up some of their ice cream to go. 462 Shrewsbury Avenue, Shrewsbury 732-842-5874

jersey shore ice creamYou’ve had a waffle ice cream sandwich, but have you had some ice cream in a hand held bubble waffle? At Taste the Cakes and Ice Cream, the Kitchen Sink Bubble Waffle is all about variety – salty pretzels, sweet cookie, creamy ice cream, all served in a decadent waffle. 179 South St, Freehold Township 732-414-6086

jersey shore ice creamDrive down Route 35 on your way home from the beach and be sure to stop at The Ice Cream Shoppe. A true “Mom n’ Pop Shoppe,” they serve everything from ice cream cones and cakes to what we really want to get, their Famous Banana Split. Choose your flavors, add some toppings, and feel healthy that it’s all surrounded by a banana. 96-98 RTE 35, Neptune City 732-455-8484

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Yes, this is an ice cream article, but we’re throwing in some frozen custard because a list about ice cream at the Jersey Shore can’t be complete without a shout out to Kohr’s The Original. Even though you can order ice cream, we prefer the Swirled Frozen Custard – orange cream with strawberry, black cherry with chocolate, or even raspberry with cool mint – it’s the cherry to a summer day! Franklin Ave on the Boardwalk, Seaside Heights