A Local’s Guide to Jersey Shore Food Challenges and Monster Menu Items

A Local’s Guide to Jersey Shore Food Challenges and Monster Menu Items

Lately, ok well maybe always, competitive foodies have wanted to challenge themselves to tackle the ultimate food challenges. Well, today’s your day because we’ve put together the ultimate list of Jersey Shore food challenges that will entice your tastebuds and throw your diet out the window. From sweets to wings, pizza and even extra large dinner portions, we’ve got a foodie challenge for every stomach.

Some of them you may be familiar with and some of them may be new to you. Our goal is to get more of your faces on those walls of fame. So start making the rounds and make us proud. These Jersey Shore food challenges and monster menu items are calling your number – just bring your own stash of the pink stuff or at least some friends to share in on the foodie fun.

Your Local’s Guide to Jersey Shore Food Challenges and Monster Menu Items

jersey shore food contestWeighing in at 4 lbs, the Tsunami Burrito at Surf Taco is an epic Jersey Shore food contest just waiting to be conquered. Two tortillas (because one just isn’t enough), is wrapped around rice and beans, grilled chicken, three layers of cheese, fresh veggies, and sour cream. Then it’s delivered to you on a tray that’s also full of salsa, sour cream, and guac. Eat it under 15 minutes and you’ll be honored on the Wall of Fame. Various locations throughout New Jersey https://surftaco.com/

jersey shore food challengesNot just a place to stop for your morning bagel or afternoon sandwich, Hot Bagels Brooklyn’s Finest is also home to the “Broad Street Bully.” It’s a breakfast sandwich that you can really sink your teeth into – two fried eggs, bacon, sausage, pork roll, and a hash brown patty. It’s our version of the Breakfast of Champions. 368 Broad Street, Red Bank 732-842-1397 http://hotbagelsredbank.com/

jersey shore food challengeShut Up and Eat invites you to well… shut up and eat when you order the Bangor Burger. An 8 ounce burger that’s topped with crispy bacon, a creamy egg, sausage, a 6 ounce slice of meatloaf cheese, and some lettuce, tomato, and onion to go with it – that’s then topped with even more bacon, pork roll, and some even more Canadian bacon and served on a Kaiser roll with a side of sweet potato fries – you’ve got yourself a menu item to conquer. 804 Main Street, Toms River 732-349-4544 www.shutupandeat-tr.com

jersey shore food challengeKnown for being a beautiful restaurant by the sea, Stella Marina is also home to a super sized entrée. Their Pork Chop features a locally sourced rib chop, spicy long hot peppers, broccoli rabe, and crispy potatoes. You may be on a date when you order this in your fancy dress, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tempt yourself to finish it! 800 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park 732-775-7776 https://stellamarinarestaurant.com/

jersey shore food challenges

Those foot-long subs just not cutting it today? How about checking out Dominick’s Pizzeria 16-inch subs that gain quality in every extra inch. Toppings of all kinds are tucked inside freshly baked Italian bread that’s made in house. They don’t skimp on quality ingredients which makes this one of the bang for the buck sandwiches on the Jersey Shore! 2601 E Hurley Pond Road, Wall Twp. 732-280-9255 http://www.dominickspizzeriawallnj.com/

jersey shore food contestsSupersize me takes on a whole new look thanks to Neapoli‘s Wrecking Ball. There’s no contest to eat it, but you may find yourself devouring this extra large, colossal meatball combination of pork, beef and veal, dressed with ricotta cheese and homemade marinara sauce, a bit quicker than usual. This dish has nothing to do with Miley and everything to do with satisfying every food connoisseur’s extra large appetite. 10 Wallace Street, Red Bank 732-741-1321 www.neapolinj.com 

jersey shore food contest(SEASONAL) It’s been attempted by locals and celebrities, yet it’s one of the most difficult challenges along the Jersey shore. At Chicken or the Egg, the chefs and owners hatched a diabolical plan to make you sweat. Twelve jumbo-sized, habanero-infused chicken wings are doused in hot sauce, dried habanero, cayenne, secret spices, and “Devil’s Blood” (an ultra-spicy habanero extract) and delivered to you. Your job? Eat them all within 15 minutes or less. 207 North Bay Avenue, Beach Haven 609-492-3695 https://492fowl.com/

jersey shore food contestYou or someone you know may have proudly joined The Whole Pie Eater’s Club, or maybe it was just an attempt. Either way, this Jersey Shore food challenge is a classic. Finish an entire XXL thin crust pie (18 inches in diameter) at Pete & Elda’s in one sitting and by yourself, and you’ll get a sweet shirt to go with it. 93 Summit Avenue, Neptune City 732-774-6010 peteandeldas.com

jersey shore food challengesServing up all of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs, Slater’s Deli is a local’s hot spot for their famous subs that include everything from Smoked Turkey to all of the Italian meats, to Philly Cheesesteaks. But it’s their infamous Pork Roll Egg and Cheese sandwiches (voted best in the state) that take us into a certified food coma every time! 62 NJ-36, Leonardo 732-291-3466 http://www.slatersdeli.com/

jersey shore food contestKnown as the Octopus Ice Cream Challenge, it’s one of the sweetest ones out there. Three pounds of Hoffman’s Ice Cream is topped with every sundae topping you could ask for, in the shape of an octopus, dares you to consume it all under eight minutes. If you succeed, you’ll get a free t-shirt – which you may have to go up a size for! 569 Church Street, Spring Lake 732-974-2253 http://hoffmansicecream.net/

jersey shore food contestOh sweet, sweet Jenny… well she’s not so sweet after all! Her Gavone Burger challenge looks easily conquerable, but alas, many have still be added to the wall of shame. Sweet Jenny’s Gavone Burger challenge features a double burger, bacon, all the toppings, and a load of french fries that all must be consumed. 688 E Bay Avenue, Barnegat 609-698-2228 http://www.sweetjennysrestaurant.com/

jersey shore food contestWe’re all for trying a challenge when there’s a cash prize! At Johnny G’s Pasta and Pizza, you could win $250 cash on the spot if you finish a 32-inch pie in one hour. Get those sweatpants ready because Johnny G’s Jumbo Challenge is calling your name! 1812 Hooper Avenue, Toms River 732-255-8900 http://www.johnnygspastaandpizza.com/