Jersey Shore Pizzas to Eat Right Now in Monmouth and Ocean County

Jersey Shore Pizzas to Eat Right Now in Monmouth and Ocean County

Updated April 2024:

For the freshest pizza this side of the Atlantic, there’s no need to head to Little Italy because here in Monmouth and Ocean County, we’ve got more than enough (ok, well there’s never quite enough) great establishments where you can get a delicious Jersey Shore pizza.

From Margherita pizzas to meat and vegetables, this list runs the gamut on some of the best slices being served up in the area. Whether you’re looking to order out, sit down, or just dig into a slice, these Jersey Shore pizzas will make your Friday night, Monday night, or whatever night a little more pizzazz!

The Top Jersey Shore Pizzas to Eat Right Now

First and foremost, we have to give a shoutout to some of our favorite local pizzerias. Whether it’s a sausage and peppers slice on our boardwalks on a warm summer night or a large pie at (insert your favorite go-to pizza shop here) on our way home from our son’s Little League game, EVERYONE in New Jersey has a pizzeria that feels like a second home to them. So, before we delve into our pizza list, we just wanted to let all of our favorite places (and your local pizzerias too!) that they’ll always be on the top of our list when we’re craving that perfect slice of pie.

Now that we’ve gotten that all cleared up, our list is packed full of pizzas that go above and beyond the call of anyone’s normal pizza duties. We’re talking rich flavors, sourdough crusts, and ovens that are hot, hot, hot. So take some notes, because this list is going to be a little cheesy. (Oh and don’t even think about using a knife and a fork!)

Pazzo MMX – Red Bank

Take the Bee Sting or the Fichi E Formaggio pizzas out for a spin the next time you’re at Pazzo MMX in Red Bank! No, you don’t have to give up one of their delicious entrees or pastas, sharing a pie is totally acceptable, especially on 1/2 priced pizza and pasta Mondays. Their coal fired pies are nothing short of a fine dining experience! 141 West Front Street 732-747-4551

Pasquale’s Pizza – Wall

Sitting in a small building, with just a few tables, Pasquale’s Pizzeria may be known as one of your favorite take out joints, but honestly, their pizzas are worthy of eating right there (and if you bring an appetite, you probably won’t even need the box!) Take their Brooklyn or Detroit Style Pizzas for example. Enjoyed right out of the oven, we can assure you its like nothing you’ve ever had before! 2601 East Hurley Pond Road, Wall 732-280-9255

Urban CoalHouse Pizza + Bar – Red Bank & Brick

There’s nothing better than stopping into Urban CoalHouse Pizza + Bar in Brick after a long day. Their delicious coal-fired pies, relaxing atmosphere, and friendly staff make the perfect combo to take the stress out of your life. There’s nothing wrong with ordering a classic personal plain pizza, but since they feature an array of artisan old-world style pizzas, you have to try The Don Gregorio pie made with sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, mozzarella, and San Marzano tomatoes.  2 Bridge Ave, Red Bank 732-212-1700 / 515 Route 70, Brick 732-262-5180

MJ’s – Neptune

This neighborhood hot spot is well known to be a go to place for a quick beer, some apps, and dinner out with the family, but if you’re not ordering the MJ* Deluxe, from one of MJ’s locations, you’re missing out. You get everything with this pie – sausage, pepperoni, bell peppers, white onion and mushrooms – all the ideal toppings for their thin crust! 3205 NJ-66, Neptune 732-918-9700

Old Glory Kitchen + Spirits – Keyport

Can Old Glory Kitchen + Spirits do it all? Thanks to their brick oven, they can. Their pizzas, especially the Tuscan Chicken (complete with grilled chicken, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, black olives, mozzarella, and pesto sauce finished of with some Parmigiano-Reggiano) is just one example of how much we love their menu. 84 Broad Street, Keyport 732-497-5555

McDonagh’s Pub – Keyport

Dine in at McDonagh’s Pub & Restaurant in Keyport and try out their new artisanal Brick Pizza Ovens! Some pizza options include the Burrata Pie, Buffalo Chicken, and Philly Cheesesteak! Monday – Wednesday get a large plain pie for only $9.99 for dine in or take-out. 2 West Front, Keyport 732-264-0999

Johnny Piancone’s – Long Branch

You can’t talk about Long Branch pizza joints without mentioning Johnny Piancone’s Happy Hour homemade pizza specials. Made fresh to order, their Classic Margherita pie and the White Pie made with ricotta, mozzarella, broccoli rabe and roasted garlic are must tries in our book. Come in for a drink, order a bar pie and experience all the Johnny Piancone’s has to offer. 591 Broadway, Long Branch 732-229-0300

Nunzio’s Pizzeria – Long Branch

Since 1953, Nunzio’s has maintained a legacy of family atmosphere and friendly service. Combining Italian tradition with the casual ambiance of the Jersey Shore, Nunzio’s remains a Long Branch landmark, retaining nostalgic charm in an ever-changing world. Whether you choose the Special made with Sausage and Peppers or something a little more out there like the Hawaiian Pie, you are always welcome to come sit at one of their tables. 230 Westwood Avenue, Long Branch 732-222-9798

Strada Pizza Bar – Atlantic Highlands

We can’t talk about the best Jersey Shore pizzas without talking about the new Strada Pizza Bar. Strada is new to the block in the Atlantic Highlands, but not the pizza making game. Chef Ken and his team cook all their pies in a wood-burning oven viewable from the dining area. Strada is always rotating in new pies and features a great little bar, full cocktail menu and other menu specials that keep us coming back. 91 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands 732-872-4632

The Galley Pizza & Eatery – Asbury Park

Only fresh food and fresh vibes are served at The Galley Pizza & Eatery in Asbury Park. The Galley isn’t your normal pizza joint and on top of dishing out delicious pies, they also have house smoked shaved prime rib cheesesteaks, Bell & Evans dry rubbed smoked wings, house cut fries, and some juicy Pat LaFrieda blend burgers. The Roni Pan Pie is a fan favorite but if you’re feeling more daring, try the Big Mak Pie with Pat Lafrieda Patty, Mozz, American cheese, Minced Onions, Lettuce, Pickles and House-made burger sauce. 1313 Memorial Dr, Asbury Park 732-775-7711 

Pete & Elda’s – Neptune City

Specializing in thin crust pizza, Pete & Elda’s in Neptune City is a longstanding tradition that has locals stuffing their faces just to bring home a t-shirt. If you’re taking a shot at eating an XL pizza on your own, double down with the XL Super. With peppers, sausage and mushrooms (or anchovies if you prefer), there’s no reason why you can’t unbutton your pants to eat that last bite for all the glory. Many a local calls this Jersey Shore’s best pizza. 93 Summit Avenue, Neptune City 732-774-6010 

Maruca’s – Seaside Heights

A boardwalk pizza icon. Taste a Trenton-style Tomato Pie first hand at Maruca’s Tomato Pies in Seaside Heights. What are we talking about? Well, Maruca’s Pies puts the cheese on the bottom and the sauce on the top. It’s fresh, cheesy, and the pie is exceptionally buttery. There’s no place we’d rather be eating pizza than at Maruca’s on a hot summer night. 601 Boardwalk, Seaside Heights 732-793-0707

Federici’s Family Restaurant – Freehold

A favorite family tradition and haunt of the Boss, Federici’s Family Restaurant in Freehold has been attracting pizza lovers for almost a century. When you’re in downtown Freehold, there’s really no other choice but to order the Broccoli, Tomato and Garlic Pie. The pizza crust is thin (and famous), the cheese is melted perfectly, the broccoli is cut into bite size pieces, and seriously, what type of pizza doesn’t have garlic? 14 East Main Street, Freehold 732-462-1312

Talula’s – Asbury Park

Asbury Park’s pizza game is at an all time high with heavy hitters including Talula’s. First, let’s begin with their dough – it’s their pride and joy – along with their hearth – a wood-burning oven that turns dough and toppings into pizzas that you may dream about. Whether you order a red pie or a white pie, their fresh ingredients paired together hits all the notes. 550 Cookman Avenue #108, Asbury Park 732-455-3003

Brooklyn Square – Jackson

Have you heard of Brooklyn Square in Jackson yet? If you’re a Jersey Shore pizza aficionado, you are probably a regular, if not, then consider this your formal introduction. They are hitting their dough creations out of the park, gaining recognition and many awards, but don’t take anyone else’s word for it. Go there and order their signature pie, the Brooklyn Square Upside Down Pie. It’s thick, it’s crispy, and it’s delicious. 265 S New Prospect Road, Jackson 732-961-7999

Del Ponte’s Coal Fired Pizza – Bradley Beach

Order up a Milan Pizza from Del Ponte’s Coal Fired Pizza in Bradley Beach any time of the year. The delectable combination of your classic toppings of imported Goat Cheese, fresh Mozzarella, and caramelized red onions combined with your not so classic topping of thinly sliced Prosciutto di Parma and you’re set for the evening. 600 Main Street, Bradley Beach 732-869-0070

Rosie’s Pizza – Point Pleasant Beach

Imagine a regular pizza parlor where you can go in, grab a slice of pizza, maybe a whole pie to go, but instead of just a normal slice, you’re treated to one of the best pizzas you’ve tasted. That’s what Rosie’s Pizza brings to the table – along with round and square pies. Don’t be fooled by the short menu. Whether you pick one of their signature pies or make a signature pie of your own (optional runny egg and vinegar peppers included), they’re no doubt a favorite on our Jersey Shore pizza list. 620 Bay Avenue, Pt. Pleasant Beach 732-746-3060

Scala’s Pizzeria – Long Branch

Scala’s Pizzeria located on Brighton Ave is a Long Branch favorite all throughout the year. Scala’s offers a wide variety of gourmet pizzas like the Pepperoni Pie made half with hot honey and half ricotta and the Sausage and Peppers Pie. Scala’s is cozy yet retro and is proud of its Long Branch history so definitively put them on your list of places to try! 88 Brighton Ave., Long Branch 732-222-8728

Alex’s Cucina – Howell

Alex’s Cucina, formerly known as Emilio’s by Alex is located off of Rt 9 in Howell and is always a crowd pleaser. Family owned and operated for 20+ years, you won’t find a more welcoming place to enjoy a slice. Their Plain and Chicken Parm Vodka pies are always on point but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then order a Baked Ziti Pie or try a slice of their Philly Cheesesteak Pizza. 4534 US-9, Howell 732-370-8838

Capone’s Gourmet Pizza & Pasta – Toms River

Talk about a Toms River classic pizza joint, Capone’s Gourmet Pizza & Pasta located on Washington Street is family owned and operated and has a dedicated and friendly staff. If you’re from the area, you know what we’re talking about, but if you’re not, and just looking for a great slice on the way back to the Parkway from the beach, make a quick detour Downtown and try Capone’s Drunken Chicken Parmigiana with Vodka Sauce or a classic Pepperoni Pie! 17 Washington Street, Toms River 732-473-1777

Pies Place – Bayville

Paying tribute to the original Pies Place in Bayville, the new Pies Place, who opened their doors in 2021 is bringing back some Bayville history. Their display case holds up to 24 pies at any given time and this family owned pizzeria is only serving up the freshest and finest quality ingredients. Come in for some classics and while you’re there try some pies that come with a twist, like their General Tso Chicken, Shrimp Scampi or Buffalo Chicken Pies! 517 Atlantic City Blvd, Bayville 732-569-6569

Vesuvio’s Pizza Nick’s Place – Millstone Township

There’s no shortage of flavor over at Vesuvio’s Pizza in Millstone. Proudly serving customers for over 30 years, their Old Fashioned Margherita and Pizza Nicola made with Italian Prosciutto and fresh mozzarella pies are a true testament to what they’re all about. Stop in, fuel up and take a day trip to Six Flags while you’re in the area. 221 Millstone Rd Millstone Township 732-446-1155

Via Sposito – Red Bank

The moment you enter Via Sposito in Red Bank, your senses are filled with the abundance of flavor and charm of Italy. Taste the authentic coal fired pizza, imported cheeses and cured meats from Italy. Whether you order a Red Pie like their Pizza Alla Norma made with Pomodoro sauce, homemade mozzarella, eggplant, pecorino Romano, ricotta salata, basil and EVOO or a White Pie, like their Clam Pizza made with homemade mozzarella, fresh cherry stone clams, signature white clam sauce and topped with fresh little neck clams and EVOO, you know your taste buds will be thanking you. 20 Broad St, Red Bank 732-860-2625

The Brother’s Restaurant – Red Bank

Name a more historical pizza joint in Red Bank, we’ll wait. The Brother’s Restaurant is serving customers out of a building that’s more than 100 years old and even after a change of hands in 2003, they’re still serving you authentic pies that all Jersey locals know and love. Their thin crust pizza menu includes many favorites like the BBQ Chicken Pie and the Cheese Steak Pie. 188 W. Front Street, Red Bank 732-530-3356

Vic’s Italian Restaurant – Bradley Beach

Serving the Jersey Shore Since 1947, Vic’s Italian Restaurant is a Bradley Beach landmark passed down through 4 generations of family. If you’re looking for a solid pizza on the way to the beach, this is it. No matter what toppings you choose, and whether you dine in or order to go, there is no wrong answer! 60 Main St, Bradley Beach 732-774-8225

Let us know what your favorite Pizza places are and if there’s a business you think we should add!

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