Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List:The Tastiest Burgers at the Shore

Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List:The Tastiest Burgers at the Shore

There are few things better than chowing down on a big, juicy burger. Toasty bun, melty cheese, and maybe a few intriguing toppings – some  miks craft their burgers with a twist, and we’re not complaining!

Just like our list last year, you won’t see any chain restaurants ranked among our next Jersey Shore Foodie Bucket List, just locally owned restaurants that rock some seriously juicy, creative, and delicious burgers that are truly one of a kind!

A Jersey Shore Local’s Guide to Amazing Jersey Shore Burgers (Monmouth/Ocean Edition)

Jersey Shore Best BurgerWe’ve raved about it on our Foodie Bucket List (twice) and we’ll rave about it here too – the Bar Burgers at Trama’s Trattoria are those of legend. Take their Mac ‘n Cheese with truffle burger above. They’ve successfully made us completely speechless. Available on Wednesdays only. 115 Brighton Avenue, Long Branch 732-222-1121

jersey shore best burgerWhen Chef /Owner Laercio “Junior” Chamon Jr. has always had a burger on the menu at Graze, from the Blended Burger that we spoke of a year ago to the current staple – the Graze Burger. A blend of grass-fed flat iron, short rib, and hanger (talk about a base), topped with house-cured bacon, pickled jalapenos, creamy mayo, crisp greens from Kula in Asbury, and sharp cheddar. Placed inside of a ciabatta roll – it’s definitely a double fister and a can’t miss burger experience. 151 Markham Place, Little Silver (732) 747-9988 or on the web

Jersey Shore Best BurgerHead into Rooney’s for all of your favorite seafood dishes, but also your new favorite Jersey Shore burger. Their Char-Grilled Sirloin Burger with all the extras is perfect for land-lubbers and sea-lovers alike. Head there for Burger Night where you’ll get a burger and wine or beer for just $15. If you need any more incentive to try the Rooney’s burger, download our Locals InMotion iPhone® app and get 15% off your food bill when you subscribe to Locals inMotion Offers. Locals InMotion Offers features dozens of exlusive offers from businesses on the shore found no where else! 100 Ocean Avenue, Long Branch 732-870-1200

jersey shore burgersHead to The Marina at Oceanport Marina on Monday for a buy one get one half off special on, you guessed it… burgers. We love that they give us the ability to create our own burger here with toppings like pepper jack cheese, frizzled onions, and even guacamole. Whatever you do, don’t forget to try out some of their Bacon Cheddar Beef Sliders – where you can eat two instead of one. If you haven’t been to the Marina yet, download our Locals InMotion iPhone® app and get 10% off your food bill when you subscribe to Locals inMotion Offers. Locals InMotion Offers features dozens of exlusive offers from businesses on the shore found no where else! 10 Riverside Avenue, Oceanport 848-456-4396

jersey shore burgersWe’d be a little crazy not to include McDonagh’s “Jersey Burger” on our list of best burgers on the Jersey Shore. It’s a burger topped with – you guessed it – pork roll and American cheese, all piled onto warm Texas Toast. Give us a plate of that greasy goodness!  2 West Front Street, Keyport (732) 264-0999

jersey shore burgers

Oh the Bison Burger, it tempts us to sing, but luckily for everyone around us, our mouths will be full. 10oz of bison (it’s like beef, but better), melted Wisconsin cheddar, frizzled onions, and bacon, all topped with homemade steak sauce. 84 Broad Street, Keyport 732-497-5555

jersey shore burgersThe Custom Burger at Beach Tavern features a blend of brisket, short rib and sirloin that has easily ranked up as a favorite on our list. The Old Bay fries are a home run. Luckily for you, they even have a Burger Night, which just happens to fall on Tuesdays starting at 4pm. 33 West Street, Monmouth Beach  (732) 870-8999

jersey shore burgerThe Pour House is one of our favorite iconic Jersey Shore restaurants for a reason – for 31 years, they’ve been known for having great food and outstanding burgers. Whatever burger you decide to order, make sure it’s a Classic Burger (homemade cheddar cheese sauce and bacon are kind of optional). That stuff is liquid gold. 640 Shrewsbury Ave, Tinton Falls (732) 842-4337

jersey shore burgersThey may be known for pizza and pasta at Gaetano’s, but their freshly ground Gaetano’s Burger is also something to talk about. A 1/2 lb. of fresh ground short rib, brisket, and chuck topped with Applewood smoked bacon, and melted provolone cheese (add on some caramelized onions and throw those sweet potato fries on top) will have you heading here at least once a week. If you’re looking for an even better reason to try Gaetano’s, download our Locals InMotion iPhone® app and get a complimentary dessert for two with two entrees when you subscribe to Locals inMotion Offers. Locals InMotion Offers features dozens of exlusive offers from businesses on the shore found no where else!  10 Wallace Street, Red Bank 732-741-1321 

jersey shore burgerYou’ve got all the classic burgers at MJ’s, but what you need to do is order one of their “amazing big burgers,” the MJ’s Double Onion Steakhouse Burger to be exact. 10oz of Angus that’s topped with melted smoky cheddar, grilled onions, pickles, crispy onion rings, and a sweet homemade BBQ sauce, it’s what little burgers dream about becoming. 845 Rt. 34 North, Matawan 732-566-6220

jersey shore burgerThis local establishment in beachy Sea Bright is wowing diners with their pub grub, especially their Bison Burger. Think of a hot meat patty, that’s topped with fried shallots, bacon, and melted cheddar, but instead of beef – it’s bison. Makes you feel a little special inside.  1124 Ocean Avenue, Sea Bright 732-383-7685 

jersey shore burgersSince 1952 Jersey Freeze of Freehold has been known as the home of the best ice cream in our area. Did you know that Jersey Freeze also has one of the best burgers around? The Breakfast Burger is everything you’d want in a hamburger – meat, cheese, more meat – combined with everything you’d want in a classic breakfast sandwich – pork roll, meat, cheese, and of course, a delicious runny egg. 1200 Manalapan Avenue, Freehold  (732) 462-3008

JERSEY SHORE BURGERSAfter being renovated, Marlin’s Cafe is not only a fun place to hang out and shoot some pool, but it’s also a great place to grab some grub – especially when it comes to burgers. Don’t make a mistake – order the Marlin’s Burger Platter where they take 10 oz. of certified black angus beef, hand form it, charbroil it to your liking, then serve it on a pretzel roll. And yes, there are plenty of toppings including onion straws and french fries that are included. 1901 Ocean Avenue, Pt. Pleasant Beach 732-714-8035 

jersey shore burgersWe love a classic burger. The Court Jester is a few notches above a classic. Locals continually flock here on Monday nights for burger night to score on this tasty and meaty concoction that goes perfectly with waffle fries. 16 E. Main Street, Freehold 732-462-1040 

jersey shore burgerSister restaurant to The Pour House, it’s no surprise that we love their burgers too. We’re talking just a great burger here – no frills, because they don’t need it!We tend to sway toward the Bacon Cheeseburger Platter (served with french fries), but we won’t fault you for straying for the mushroom and onion sauce.  104 Myrtle Avenue, Long Branch 732-229-5566

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You may head here for the cocktails and out of this world waterfront sunsets, but did you know EvenTide Grille is also home to this number? Their Black Angus Burger may seems simple – 10 oz. of burger, lettuce, tomato, and cheese – but sometimes a simple burger is the most difficult to impress with. Thanks to ingredients that don’t disappoint, you’ll be happy you went for the burger (and paid an extra buck for the fries). 1400 Ocean Avenue, Sea Bright 732-530-1414

jersey shore burgersA bit of a legend in our area as far as burgers are concerned, locals have been going back for Handmade 10 oz burgers for years. Barnacle Bill’s is one of those places that comes up time and time again when you ask someone which place has one of their favorite burgers. Great food, drinks and riverside views. 1 First Street, Rumson (732) 747-8396